Welcome to Tikal Industries, a leading provider of innovative solutions for water quality monitoring and filtration. Our product, Inti, is an AI-powered water monitoring system that provides real-time data on water quality and contaminants, allowing you to make informed decisions about your water management practices. Our filtration products prioritize environmental sustainability and are focused on disaster-resiliency for communities safety.

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Test. Detect. React.

Track Changes in Contamination Level Based on Set Standards or EPA Regulations

Designed with flexibility in mind, to add contaminants to the testing panel, set testing standards, and adjust notification and filtration settings.

Real-Time Data, Real-Time Results

Will be available on iOS and Android, Inti is accessible from any device.

Geo-map Contaminants Live

Figure out how your community feels about their water and areas of concern.

Experience seamless tracking

You can access real-time data, set custom alerts for specific contaminants, and view historical trends to help identify potential issues and inform decision-making.

Versatile Industry Applications for Inti

Our Inti hardware is a compact, easy-to-install device that can be attached to any pipe, allowing you to monitor your water quality in real-time. The device utilizes advanced RAMAN spectroscopy technology to detect a wide range of contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and heavy metals.

For those on-the-go, we also offer a phone attachment version of our Inti device, allowing you to easily monitor your water quality from your mobile device. Our app provides real-time data, custom alerts, and historical trends, all in the palm of your hand.

For Local Governments:

Our device can be used for regular water testing in government facilities and community centers during piping replacement. It can also help you figure out the composition of piping within the city so replacement teams can plan construction accordingly. Our Inti system can check for cross-contamination, disinfection, proper waste management, and backflow during lead piping replacement construction. It can also be used for untreated wastewater or flood water testing for contamination tracking.

For Municipalities:

Inti can help municipalities that are looking to stay ahead of emerging contaminants and comply with advancing EPA regulations. Most municipalities aren't prepared to detect novel contaminants like vinyl chloride or latex in their water, due to underfunding. Inti will constantly update its test panel, with no additional hardware requirements. By quickly and accurately detecting contaminants in the water supply, Inti can help ensure that the water meets all necessary safety standards. Its versatility also allows for composition detection of of piping within the city, plan construction accordingly during replacement, and check for cross-contamination.

For Rural and Urban Farms:

Inti can help farmers ensure that their crops and livestock are grown in safe and healthy conditions, and are in compliance with EPA and USDA regulations. Its hardware can be easily attached to any pipe, making it a convenient solution for use in a variety of farming environments, regardless of weather. Inti's plug and play retrofit add-ons include environmental parameter sensors, self-watering irrigation controls, and minerals and nutrients regulator modules. These add-ons work seamlessly with Inti's hardware and data monitoring software to provide farmers with a comprehensive solution for managing their crops.

For Homeowners and Community Facilities:

With Inti, individuals can quickly and easily test their drinking water for contaminants, ensuring that their water is safe for consumption. Community facilities such as schools and community centers can also use Inti to regularly test their water supply and ensure the safety of their water. The system is easy to install and can be used by anyone with minimal training, making it a convenient and accessible solution for water testing in homes and small facilities.

Revolutionize Water Management with Inti

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M-Inti is a portable phone attachment that uses the same Inti platform technology but is designed for individuals who need to test their water supply while on the go or in remote locations.

Inti Pipe

Environmentally rugged hardware that is compact and easy-to-install so that it can be placed directly in your water source to monitor for contaminants in real-time.

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